Is the part where a team is expected to lay their ideas on the poster and pitch it to the judges to prove that their idea is the best there is. The goal is to make an outstanding poster via design & content. And explain the concept in the manner which convinces the judges to uphold the idea among other competitors.


–Advance Concrete Technology
–Construction Engineering and Management
–Automation in Construction
–Sustainable Construction
–Architectural Design Inspired from Nature

(Any innovative idea regarding the theme can be represented in the poster. The idea can be about materials, methods, time saving, cost saving, risk mitigating, sustainability, structural design, new design concept, hazard management in construction etc. You can pick anything as the topic as long as it goes within our theme.)
Team members: Maximum 2
Poster size: 3ft x4ft (Portrait)
Registration Fee: 600 BDT (Per team)

Champion team: Certifcate+Crest+10000 BDT
1st Runner-up: Certificate+Crest+6000 BDT
2nd Runner-up: Certificate+Crest+4000 BDT

Last Date of Registration: 15/02/2019