Activities of Dept of BECM

September 02, 2013, Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) gave the permission to open a new department named Building Engineering & Construction Management in KUET. Later on 12 September 2013, the Academic Council of KUET decided to enroll 60 students in this new department at undergraduate level from the academic session 2013-2014.


This is the day when this department starts its journey towards the development and betterment of the country. From the very beginning of its journey it never looks back. The motto of the department is “Creating A New Era”. This is the line that shows the goal of this new department.


From the very beginning of it’s journey many programs have been organized by this new department and all were very successful in its own way.

Day by day the new department starts to shine its own roe. Programs have been arranged and successfully hold by the students with the help from faculties.

In 28 August 2014, the reception of 2K13 batch was hold by the BECM association. That was the first official program in the history of BECM. The program had been organized by the students with their own effort as they were the first batch in BECM .

Later on the next days the depart arranged the reception of BECM 2K14, 2K15 & 2K16.

Architechture is one of main part of BECM. In the end of the semester a presentation on the project is hold in the lobby of the department. Like the architect we make various types of projects on different themes.

The program was not so big in purposes. Only departmental students can participate there. But we are always eager to do something special. We need a big plot to perform and show the potential of the department.

In 22 December 2016, we got the platform. BUILTECH FEST 2016 organized by Building Engineering & Construction Management with Institute of Civil Engineers (ice). World biggest organization for civil engineers comes with us and give us the biggest platform in KUET for the first time since its birth. The day we show the people what can we do. A department with 3 batches & 180 students successfully managed the program co-operating with each other. A new department can hold a program like this was beyond imagine to the others.

A group of people with a little experience works hard day and night to successfully finish the program. Their effort make the program very much successful.


A new department with an energetic effort of their students can make the impossible happen. We are a little example of these.

We also arranged some seminars by our faculty members. A workshop on GREEN BUILDING. The students participate in many programs in the other universities. They are doing well in all sort of activities in KUET.

We have arranged intra-department short pitch cricket tournament, short bar football tournament, long bar football tournament. A camp fire has also been organized by BECM association. One departmental tour, two industrial tour has also been organized. A cultural event and an indoor tournament took place in recent times.


BECM – the builders of tomorrow. We will create a new era for the betterment of people in future. We are the builders of sustainable future. The activities will represent us in the upcoming future.

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